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The signs of her disappearance troubled neighbors, who had rallied behind her as a hold-out against a massive new apartment complex that had gobbled up much of the surrounding property. Police issued a missing person's report three days later. In a gap in the wall, the new residents found a pair of red eyeglasses - like they type Cerutti once wore - and a jumble of human bones. [...] they wonder - as they await authorities to confirm whether the remains are hers - how all of those people could have missed the fact that her body may have been there in the wall of her house all along. The area used to be more dicey, she would say, sharing stories about the brothel across the street. A group of residents organized and attended planning commission meetings to oppose it. Casual elegance and an energetic neighborhood vibe" is how its website now describes the building, named for its location, "Yale at 6th. Neighbors described Cerutti as a shy, kind and frail woman who seemed older than she really was. Recorded testimony shows Cerruti dressed in pink, with eyeglasses perched on her nose and gray hair falling past her shoulders. The Houston Police Department's missing person notice went out promptly after, on Sept. 28. Neighbors had tried to initiate a missing person's report themselves but had been turned away because they weren't relatives or more closely linked to her. Decided to hide out of embarrassment because she sold her property to the developer after all? A second suit later filed by a tax-related company said that as of May 31, 2016, 22 monthly payments had gone unfulfilled, with $7,395.78 required to cure the default. The residents called police in the afternoon, and the medical examiner's office finished extracting the bones shortly before 7 p.m. They appeared to belong to an adult, Houston Police Detective Jason Fay said. Hearing word of the news caused neighbor Roxanne Davis' face to fall and mouth to drop in shock.

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